Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend (of sorts...)

On the weekend we had class on Saturday morning. After lunch and a move from the center bay to the west bay of the shop, I figured that I'd better get some of the more mundane tasks done. First on my list was some laundry. I tidied up my room while the laundry was in the machines. When I got back up to the Farmhouse to get my clothes out of the dryer, I found that my now clean and dry laundry was folded and neatly stacked in one of the baskets in the basement. Whoever you were, THANKS!

A quick shop over at the local Tradwinds store in Blue Hill was followed by dinner that night at the Pub - again. An early night was a good thing.

On Sunday morning, I went up to Mountain Ash to get the week's information and found a note from Doug Wilson to give him a call. Doug is an artist and blacksmith with a studio on Little Deer island (Doug's website here). Over the past week, Doug and I had been discussing some hand made pad eyes for the canoes my class was making. I grabbed a quick breakfast at the Morning Moon Cafe and headed over to Doug's. The weather was miserable and heavy rain, thunder and lightning were all around as I arrived. Doug had forged a sample piece from steel and it was what he and I had sketched. Beautiful work. I particularly liked his dragonfly, below:

After leaving Doug's, I had been pointed in the direction of Ellsworth to find some more shorts and warm shirts. Ellsworth is a town with a beautiful main street and some pretty impressive buildings. Take for example:

Town Hall

A Local Church

My main purpose was to head to Reny's department store in Ellsworth. An institution. They had everything I was looking for.

With dinner back at Mountain Ash, another week begins!

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