Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A little bit of fun

Victory Chimes

On Sunday, I'd purchased some food to have something different to eat for a change. Several of us had looked at the weather report and had decided that Tuesday would be a good day to have this dinner party at the Boathouse because the weather wasn't supposed to be good and the waterfront would likely be closed.

On Monday night we prepped most of the food for the dinner. Probably one of the more interesting things that happened was that the person who was making dessert (a flourless chocolate cake) had forgotten to bring any sugar figuring that there would be some in the Boathouse kitchen. There was, but only in the little packets for coffee and tea. Do you know how many of those darned things you need to open to get a cup full of sugar? Let me tell you, it takes a BUNCH.
Foggy Boathouse

On Monday in class, we sanded, fitted and glued together the bottom of the canoes and prepared stem materials for laminating. That evening we laminated the stems onto the canoes. Tuesday was spent fairing the stems and sanding most of the exterior and doing repairs for those bond joints that had "popped" due to the damp weather. However, things were not exactly going according to plan on Tuesday afternoon when the weather cleared and became very nice. This meant one of the people at the dinner party would be working unless shifts could be swapped. That happened without much trouble.

When I got down to the Boathouse to cook Tuesday evening, the place was crowded. I went out to the deck - I could see why. There were 9 (count 'em 9!) windjammers out in our mooring field. Boats were zipping back and forth between the windjammers and the dock. People were everywhere. There had been a windjammer race up the Eggermogin Reach that afternoon and all the windjammers wound up at the WoodenBoat waterfront. It was a beautiful sight with all the boats out there and the sun just starting to set.

As people finally started filtering out to get to dinner, we decided to put a table out on the front deck and eat out there. It turned out to be a great decision. Dinner was great, as was the company. I had to go back up to the shop to do a little bit more work, but I was able to get back down before all of the flourless chocolate cake was gone. Sadly, I missed out on the strawberries to go with it...


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