Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beauty. Simple as that.

The area where the WoodenBoat School is located, and particularly the campus itself are natural wonders of incredible beauty. It really is difficult to convey it all in words. Pictures sometimes don't even do it justice. If I had a dollar for every scene that I saw that I wanted to take a picture of as I drove around, I'd be a very rich man.

Wild Iris
The Frogpond
Beach Rose at the Boathouse

There were many boulder and stone strewn fields along the roadsides. Some had piles of massive rocks in the fields that looked like giants had been making cairns.

Harbor in Blue Hill
Donna's Bench

Probably one of my favorite pictures from the week. As I was riding to breakfast one morning, the sunlight on the back of the bench just beckoned to me to stop and take a picture. I passed this bench many times and only this one time was moved to take the picture. I don't know who Donna is or was - another untold story I wish I knew more about.


To be honest, when I was originally scheduled to go up to the school I was a bit disappointed as I knew that I would be missing the WoodenBoat Show down at Mystic Seaport. My disappointment was tempered by the knowledge that I was there when the early summer wildflowers were all in bloom. Reflecting back on it, I cannot imagine a better time of year to be there.

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