Monday, July 14, 2008

An Approaching Storm

Tuesday was a beautiful day weather-wise and after class, I had taken my bike up the hill to Mountain Ash House for dinner. The weather was great and I was sitting on the front porch looking to the north-east at a beautiful sunny day with puffy white clouds.

I went in for some dessert and was talking with Emily and Billy, the shop interns when Billy made some comment about me riding my bike up. I was trying to figure out exactly what he meant when I heard the first thunder.

Thunder? It's a beautiful sunny day?

I pretty much ran out of Mountain Ash noticing the approach of dark gray clouds from the southwest. The wind was starting to whip up and there was a fine mist in the air as I pedaled for all I was worth down the hill and to the Boathouse where I parked my bike on the back porch. Coming into the Boathouse, I could hear someone clapping with glee. Laurel and Jane were out on the front deck with one of Jane's students watching the approaching storm. With every lightning strike, Laurel would jump up and down and clap.

One of the windjammers from the Camden/Rockland area (the Stephen Tabor) had been having a lobster bake on the nearby Babson Island and a "fire drill" of sorts was going on in front of us as they were bringing gear and passengers on board and trying to get up a large tarp before the rain. Chris, one of the waterfront interns was checking on the Tabor and his own boat - just getting in before the worst of the storm hit.

The Stephen Tabor at anchor.

The storm was fleeting and we were finally rewarded with this beautiful sight:

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