Saturday, December 26, 2009

Time Lapse of a Wood-Canvas Canoe Build

The following video is a time-lapse web-cam documentation of the building of a cedar and canvas canoe from scratch up at Northwoods Canoe Company up in Atkinson, Maine. It's owned by Rollin Thurlow. Rollin is also very well known for a book the he wrote with Jerry Stelmok (who now owns Island Falls Canoe Company, also of Atkinson) called The Wood and Canvas Canoe. This book, as I've mentioned before, is really the "bible" for anyone who intends to build or restore a traditional wood and canvas canoe. Both men teach classes at their own shops, the WoodenBoat School and other locations.

The video looks to be of a build with a student as the nearly finished canoe is being put on the roof of an SUV to take home. Well worth the time to watch.


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