Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

Do you have all your shopping done?


Well, do you know someone who might like to learn to do any of the following?
  • Build a boat
  • Learn to sail
  • Cast bronze hardware
  • Learn blacksmithing and welding
  • Carve an eagle or name-board for your boat
  • Make a signaling cannon
  • Learn lofting skills
  • Develop some coastal kayaking skills
  • Build a pond yacht
Well, if you or someone that you know has an interest in all of this and more, then perhaps a class at the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine would be a good present. This is their 30th year in operation and their 2010 class schedule is now posted on their website. It is a wonderful experience that shouldn't be missed if you have any interest in boats of any kind.

Just to whet your appetite:

Be sure to tell them that Canoez sent ya...

Oh, and hint, hint, hint... ;-D


Bob Easton said...

... been there ... fabulous experience!!!

Which class(es) are you teaching this summer?

(You see, this is an attempt to figure out "Who is 'Canoez'?" I'm a strong believer in "sign your work" and somewhat adverse to nom de guerres. [...cute, but what are they trying to hide...] Besides, we have to use our names when commenting. What's yours? ... all in good spirit of course.)

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd share a verse I wrote on my own blog,, entitled Twas Canoeing weeks Before Christmas....hope you enjoy

Canoez said...

Bob : Where would the fun be if I told you? ;-)

Anonymous - Mike? - Saw that over at the WCHA. Fantastic. I did enjoy and others should too!

Mike said...

Yep Anonymous was me....and I posted it over at WCHA and also on my blog (trying to get as much bang for my limited talent as possible I guess LOL LOL....maybe I'll eventually get it right)....seriously hope all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year