Friday, December 11, 2009

We thought we'd coined a new word today...

That word is "crapaging".

I discovered after a quick search that we were not the first to coin this term. It has been put into print before in the Urban Dictionary.

Crapaging :

Any packaged goods of a very poor quality, use of inappropriate materials or lack of security in any shape or form.


"Have you seen the crapaging on this bl**dy parcel?"
"Can you scrape around for some crapaging for this one, mate?"

We figure that this can be either a noun or a verb - the material used in the act or the actual activity.

About a month ago, we got what is probably a very high-tech and expensive one-off carbon fiber enclosure for an instrument that will be mounted on the top of an airplane somewhere. it came in a plywood crate with wood trim - a simple, but decently made and rugged piece of packaging. The interior was a totally different situation. Inside of the box was a combination of, well, junk that someone seemed to have put into the box for padding so that they would simply be rid of it.

This included the following items:

  • Packing peanuts (anathema!)
  • Assorted pieces of bubble wrap (both size and type) well contaminated with packing tape in inconvenient ways.
  • Brown craft paper
  • Rigid closed-cell foam from some other packaging
  • Absorbent shop towels used for mopping up oil on drums
  • A folded-up Fed-Ex mailing box
  • A variety of pieces of thin cardboard
  • A used, padded mailing envelope.

I re-packaged the enclosure today to return to the customer. I must admit that I did re-use some of the original packaging. This includes the rigid foam, bubble wrap (sans tape) and the packing peanuts, if only to be rid of them - the packing peanuts, that is!


Almost American said...

The UPS store accepts donations of packaging peanuts.

Canoez said...

Well, the problem isn't so much getting rid of packing peanuts, it's just dealing with the peanuts themselves. They break and shed crumbs everywhere, they're prone to static and stick to everything they shouldn't, they fly around and are generally a PITA. They're also not environmentally friendly - at least the styrofoam ones.