Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preparations for Christmas have begun...

Christmas preparations have been sneaking into our routine for the past few weeks. They always seem so overwhelming at the beginning, but I've learned to try to start them before Thanksgiving. Usual tasks include shopping for presents for friends and loved ones, some sort of decorations outside, a wreath for the door, a fresh balsam or spruce tree for decorating, meal planning and food shopping.

Things have been a bit unusual for me at work. We had a company holiday party at a local restaurant at lunch time (which was nice, but a bit different from what I'm used to...) and vendors have been sending in small gifts during the past week or so - typically food.

Which brings up the following dilemma - when faced with a chocolate reindeer does one start at the antlers like one does with a chocolate rabbit's ears at Easter?


The children are also getting very excited about the pending visit from the big man in the red and white suit. The application below will need to be filled out and sent up to the North Pole in time for tomorrow evening. (Click to enlarge) Be sure to note the refreshment details section...

My Christmas request for Santa included a nicely restored E.H. Gerrish canoe in my stocking, but somehow, I don't think it will be fitting down the chimney this year. (Sorta tough to fit into a direct-vent gas fireplace - how DOES he do it?) Perhaps a nice well-balanced Cherry Grand Lake guide paddle, or some nice canoe-building tools will fit instead. I can only hope.

My DW is downstairs at the moment working on a glass of wine and preparing miniature mince pies which must remind her childhood Christmases. I'll be in the kitchen later tonight doing what prep work that I can for our Christmas luncheon. I hope your preparations are as easy and painless as possible this year.


Almost American said...

Miniature? NO! Those were perfectly normal-sized mince pies! They are always individual pies!

Canoez said...

Yep. Those are mince tarts. Pies are bigger..