Saturday, March 8, 2008

Making My Life Easy

Ok, what IS that thing?

Well, it is one of the things that makes my life easy in my cedar strip canoe building class. It's basically the first version of a router table that we use to cut the cove-and-bead features on the cedar strips used to build the canoes. Above the hole in the middle of the picture is a router with the cove cutter and below the table is another router with the bead cutter. Featherboards hold the strips down to the table and against the fence.

I hear the crowd going "Yeah, so?"

This thing saves a HUGE amount of time. It cuts the cove and bead at the same time and can be adjusted to fit narrow or wide strips. For each boat built, about 1/4 mile of linear strips get cut. You can do it in about an hour. That's pretty good.

We have found a few down-sides after using it for 3 years:
  • need better dust collection
  • chips have actually worn away the plywood
  • need a fool-proof (idiot-proof?) way to avoid the cutters coming together
  • dovetails on the coarse adjustment are set too wide and jam
  • both cutters need better fine adjustment
I'm thinking of a new and improved version. I've got a question for you all - should I be publishing an article about it?

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spidennis said...

Yes! publish, post, document, and share! This is going to be a great help to me, and I gather to others doing the same thing. I wanted to make a dual router setup and your mounting one under and the other on top keeps the cutting of the strips "going the right way". cool.