Saturday, March 29, 2008

Smite me again, O Barkeep?

Well, actually, I think that someone should smite the barkeep -or perhaps the brewers.

I had a bottle of their Beer of the Gods. They describe it as follows:

Beer of the Gods is an unusual blend of styles from Old Germany. We’ve taken the pale Pilsner malt used for Cologne’s famed Kölsch style and loads of spicy noble hops used in the best Altbier from nearby Dusseldorf. And we’ve topped it off with a liberal dose of extra aroma hops during a lengthy lagering stage. The result? An American beer that blends the best of two old world classics: a beer as drinkable as the very best Kölsch that satisfies like a supreme Altbier. Think of it as a German-style Farmhouse Ale. Beer of the Gods is, of course, unpasteurized and unfiltered. Alcohol content is 4.9%.

Unusual? It was really very terrible stuff. If you've got the, um, stones, to call anything the (insert noun here) of the Gods, it had better be great. If it isn't, you'd better start looking out for lightning bolts.

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