Saturday, March 29, 2008

Would you like some tart, cold lemonade?

I suppose the "Shady Lady" posting deserves a bit more explaining. The student building the class was "mouthwatered" into doing the extra work to create the shaded hull.

Confused yet?

Let me explain.

There is a great book written by James Davidson and John Rugge called The Complete Wilderness Paddler. It's about a trip taken by the authors and two friends on the Moise River in Canada. It starts with the planning of the trip and goes into detail about the gear and techniques they used on the river. One of the things that sets this book apart from others is how they talk about the elements of human nature on the trip.

One chapter in particular refers to "mouthwatering". If I recall correctly, "mouthwatering" is even the chapter title. The chapter basically tells the story of a lunch stop on the trip. They found a large rock on the side of the river and decided to climb up onto the rock to have their lunch. Once they had reached the top of the rock with their lunch, two of them discovered that they had left the lemonade that they were going to have with lunch in the canoes at the bottom of the rock. However, rather than go get the lemonade themselves, they started bantering back and forth about the "tart, cold" and "refreshing" lemonade. Eventually, they "mouthwatered" one of the others to climb down the rock to get the lemonade, saving themselves the trip.

So it goes in the class sometimes.

It's all about human nature.

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