Monday, March 10, 2008

No, I don’t think that’s what I said...

A repost, but a good one brought up again by the recent lunar eclipse.

The other night, we were riding in the car and my wife and I were talking about the lunar eclipse in the car. My son, in the back seat, had partially heard what we were talking about and wanted to get in on the conversation about the “egg-lips” on the moon.

It can be pretty funny when children think they’ve heard something correctly and try to repeat it. We used to keep a list of things my daughter said when she was growing up. They were simply referred to as “M****isms”. Two that come to mind are "stressed-out meat" - Sesame Street to the rest of us - and Christmas in a tree. (Also driving down the to road in December - "Look Mommy, Christmas in a tree!"). I hope that the list got backed up from my wife’s computer before the hard drive died. Otherwise, I might have to pay to get the drive restored just to get that list back.

After hearing about the egg-lips, one of my co-workers brought up a similar incident that happened at his house. His two young sons were upstairs when the youngest one came down the stairs in tears. His said that his older brother had been teasing him and told him that he had “Reptile Dysfunction”. Of course, my co-workers response to his son was, “What’s the matter, Al? Can’t get your lizard up?” At which point he broke up laughing while his very confused son just stared at him.

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