Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maine Boatbuilder's Show : Episode 2

As you walk into the show, you are first struck by the cavernous size of the building you are in and the overhead gantry cranes. If I recall correctly, someone told me that the building had originally been for the building or repair of railroad engines. I'll have to check up on that one.
Usually, there are two or three LARGE powerboats in the center of this space - this year was no exception. Immediately in front of me was Zogo - a hybrid diesel/electric launch built by French & Webb. It was a pretty boat, with a unique color... (Photo by Derek Davis of the Portland Herald.)

To my right was the display from Artisan Boatworks. This was Murmur; a Buzzard's Bay 15 day sailor designed by Nat Herreshoff. For the past three years that I've been attending the show, Artisan always has a fantastic display that draws a huge crowd. While my photos can't begin to do justice to this boat, here they are:

Attention to detail seems to be the rule here - from the flowers to the hardware, woodwork and finish.

To give you a better idea of the beauty of the boats that Artisan builds, here's a shot showing the deck and interior from their promotional materials.

A picture of one of these boats from last year's show has been a consistent draw here from the web.

To my left was Dick Pulsifer's Pulsifer Hampton strip-built center console workboat. Definitely a utility boat, but a well made and well finished boat suited to its purpose:

I'll admit that when I go to the show, I tend to ignore most of the large powerboats. Some of the smaller ones I find interesting, including an electric inboard launch that Thad Danielson of of Redd's Pond Boatworks brought to the show three years ago. However, unless there is something particularly interesting about a large powerboat, I tend to skip over them as I don't have much personal interest in them. Apologies if that was what you were hoping to find. Still, I do find some interesting - like the Zogo for it's hybrid drive and others for their shallow water jet drives.

Cape Cod Shipbuilding
had another beautiful Herreshoff 12 1/2 on display again this year. This popular daysailor always seems to be a popular draw. This year, the boat on display was available for a mere $42,260.00. I'll let you enjoy their handiwork:

More to follow...


matthew houskeeper said...

These are beautiful.

Canoez said...

Thanks, Matt. More pictures to come!