Monday, March 1, 2010

Do you have to be crazy to be a boat-builder?

Well, no, not really.

However, there are times when it certainly doesn't hurt.

Take for example last Saturday morning's class. We'd been having a bit of bad weather over the past few days. It included rain, snow, sleet, slush and just about any other form of heavy, wet precipitation you can think of. The weather was so bad that on Friday night, I was considering canceling Saturday's class . I have two students that travel a fair amount of distance to come to the class and I was concerned that they might not be able to make it to class safely in the snow. One of the students comes from a long, long distance.

He drives a distance of about 230 miles - one way. Every weekend.

I called this student on Friday night when it was snowing heavily to ask if he felt comfortable driving down or not. His response to me was the following : "I'm going to be away on vacation in California for the next two weeks and will miss class. I'm not going to miss this class."

When I awoke on Saturday morning I went downstairs to look at the weather. This is what greeted me:

By the time I got my driveway and sidewalk cleared, it had stopped snowing. I was hoping that the lawn service guys who plow and snow-blow at the school had been there to clear up the parking lot and sidewalks.


Well, almost - there was still a bit of shoveling to do on the ramp to the barn where we store the boats so that nobody would slip on the snow. Amazingly, all of the students came for class - bad weather or not! As we usually do, we moved the boats into the shop.

I would have to say that after looking at the pictures I took on Saturday, it looks like it certainly doesn't hurt to be a little bit crazy to build your own boat!

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