Monday, March 22, 2010

Maine Boatbuilder's Show : Episode 1

The Maine Boatbuilder's show in Portland Maine ran last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I managed to get up to the show on Sunday. This show is a typical rite of spring. All the signs were there. The two robins hanging about as I put away the kayak deck before I hit the road were one give-away. Not all of the ponds that I passed on my way were iced-out yet, but probably 2/3rd's of them were ice free, so we'll say that paddling season is rapidly approaching. Both the Merrimac and the Saco rivers were swollen with runoff and both were barely contained in their banks with churning muddy waters.

I arrived at the Boatbuilder's show to find that there were some displays outside as was typical - including the powerboat to the left of the door. I think that there were fewer outdoor displays, which was fairly ironic, as the weather was very nice - according to some of the vendors at the show, the temperature in Portland had been in the mid-60's.

Before I even got to the front door, I'd seen my first display - from Rob Macks at Laughing Loon - in the parking lot by Hamilton Marine.

Here it is...

The kayak to the right is his Shooting Star design - a 16'-6" long by 21" wide baidarka-style design. The one to the left is the Disko Bay kayak, a 17' long by 21" wide West Greenland Style hard-chine boat. Below is a better view of the Disko Bay.

Detail of the fore hatch on the Shooting Star:

Bow and grip detail on the Shooting Star:

More to follow:

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