Saturday, July 25, 2009

And a bit more progress...

Thursday evening, I managed to glue the majority of the frame together. Today, I took a bit of time to put the bow and stern together. Thomas Yost doesn't detail the shapes of the bow and stern. He gives instruction, but doesn't give profiles. I can't understand why this level of detail isn't in the plans, but I followed his instructions and this is what I finished up with at the bow:

While I'm not obsessing about the weight of the but, I added some holes to the stem and stern forms. I think they'll be fine structurally. At this point in the build, the weight of the frame is about 16 - 1/2 pounds. Floors, coaming, an access hatch and the skin are yet to be installed.

After I cut the first stern pattern, I decided that I wanted a slightly more plumb stern profile and re-made a new cardboard pattern. The picture above shows the result after tracing the cardboard onto the plywood and mounting it. I still have to remove the screws that were used to fixture the stringers to the frame and install the dowels that will prevent the stringers from breaking loose in shear.

There are a few things that I'm a bit uncertain about - the center stringer comes a bit low at the tip is one. This may or may not be intentional because of the skinning of the hull, and it may not matter at all.

Not bad after about 8 hours of work.


Da Goof said...

When are you working of this? I want to see it in person?

Yet again you're getting my curiosity up.

Canoez said...


Feel free to drop by the Chateau D'Zaster to check out the progress. I'm working in the East Gate of the Chateau and so far have been making good progress. Just drop me a call.