Thursday, July 16, 2009

Am I Predictable?

I appear to have hung out a business sign. It reads as follows:

Doghouse Boatworks

Fine Small Boat Building
and Instruction
by Canoez

Someone has subtitled the sign. The hand-scrawled note says "Will build boats for beer."

How can I tell? Well... There hangs a tale.

The first year that I taught, my students were wrapping up their boats at one of the student's houses as we had run out of good weather days to finish the canoes during class time. Waiting after the end of our session was a cold Sam Adams. Nice after the work is done. It seems to carry on from there.

Last summer when I taught at WoodenBoat, one of my students was kind enough to have an assortment of nice Maine-brewed ales. An unexpected, but not unappreciated treat. Two of the other students who were staying over on the Saturday night later were took me over to the Brooklin Inn for a nice dinner out. Again, a nice, but unexpected surprise.

One of my other long-term students (He's taken the class for three years and has built two boats - a Sassafrass Wee Lassie (The Rootbeer Float) and a stretched version of the Wee Lassie that is being built as a decked sailing canoe in the style of the turn-of-the-century sailing canoes. I occasionally head over to his house to help him with some of the more advanced bits and pieces and after the work is wrapped up, we critique our work and plan for the upcoming tasks over - you guessed it - a cold ale.

Another student from last year's session who is an experienced woodworker needed some help with some glassing at his house over the summer. Like with the last student, a nice beer or ale after the work is done is on the list - or a nice bottle that seems to find it's way into my trunk, for some strange reason.

The most recent session of boat building wrapped up with a full-day session on my birthday - a cake was present for our 10:00 AM "union break" for coffee and donuts or the like along with a few nice bottles of Belgian ale. I'm sensing a pattern here, how about you?

For the last two nights, a friend of mine that is in a woodworking class that I take has been working with me on a skin-on-frame kayak. (More posts on that later as we've got more material to show.) Last night, she showed up holding a bag with the following contents:

I'm definitely seeing a pattern here.

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