Saturday, July 4, 2009

WoodenBoat Show : Part 6

For those of you with a real varnish deficiency, pay attention. The boats below were in the I-Built-It-Myself section on the green at the Seaport. I understand from others that this display was a bit fluid as boats arrived and left throughout the show's three day span. There were some interesting and detailed kayaks:

Love the very blond finish and the checkerboard look to the rim:

An overview of the same kayak. Note the carving on the bow.

Then, if you like brightwork upkeep, there was Tenderness. Tenderness is a Penobscot 14 and was well built and finished. I do have to say, however, that I wouldn't want to be the first one to put a scratch in her.

The glossy varnish work which was well-done, was a very big crowd magnet. You can see the number of people standing around admiring the work.

This was probably the most difficult picture that I took at the show - Tenderness without a crowd. I wanted to get an unobstructed overall view and it took me nearly 10 minutes to get. Note that the exterior finishing job is as good as the interior work. Even though it may look it, the hull is not dirty, that's the reflection of the grass and the stand that she's on!

The variety of boats on display was impressive. There was a wooden pontoon boat, a fishing boat, numerous canoes and kayaks. Several dinghys and pulling boats - pretty much something for all tastes. A not-to-miss part of the show!

Still, all good things must come to an end. Time to pack up the shop truck for the ride back to Brooklin!


matthew houskeeper said...

That 4th photo from the bottom really shows how beautiful the varnish work is.
Nice work!

Canoez said...

The varnish was absolutely outrageous on that boat. It was beautiful, but it was probably not going to hold up well in the long run unless treated with kid gloves. I have my boats to use. while my boats look nice, they're for using, not just for looking at.

Last year at the WoodenBoat School, Gary Lowell taught a painting and varnishing course and showed how to buff out a coat of varnish like on Tenderness. It's impressive work when done well. He finished an instrument panel and then buffed it - the reflection across the parking lot was like from a mirror.