Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WoodenBoat Show : Part 3

Most people can certainly tell from my postings here that I'm interested in canoes of all shapes and sizes. There were certainly plenty of different wooden canoes around the WoodenBoat show. Today will be a "theme post" with some of the canoes that I enjoyed around the show.

Here's Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks speaking with a potential customer. In the foreground is one of his Nymph Double Paddle Canoes that WoodenBoat recently had a set of how-to-build articles in their magazine. (See WoodenBoat Issues 199 and 200) Nymph is a 10-1/2' to 12-1/2' long canoe depending on how you space the patterns and is designed for ultralight construction. It's on my list of canoes to build. (Yeah, I've got a list.)

I didn't see any details on this square-stern freighter canoe - an interesting hybrid build of ribs and strips with a fiberglass coating.

Hilary Russell of the Berkshire Boatbuilding School had a Solo 11 skin-on-frame canoe (detail below) and was building another using willow for the ribs and some of the stringers. Truly impressive little boats at about 20#. Hilary has also had this design published as a pair of build-your-own articles in Woodenboat issues 205 and 206. Also on the list...

Speaking of building yourself, this nice Morris-esqe reproduction was part of the I-Built-it-Myself display on the green.

Further up was this nice Clearwater 16 canoe by Dylan and Emily Schoelzel of Salmon Falls Canoe Company. Two years ago, Dylan and Emily had some nice canoes on display at the WoodenBoat Show, but I think this one is of even better quality. Be looking out for these folks in the future - they will be building great boats for a long time to come.

Clean and crisp details on the Clearwater.

Interesting caning pattern on the Clearwater's seats. I need to expand my caning skills a bit, I think.
Robert Ross, from Ross Brothers had some older boats available to buy including this nice courting canoe with long decks...

...and a trailerful of other options. Enough to make Red Green happy.
More to come...

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