Monday, June 15, 2009

It's been a bit damp.

I guess that I shouldn't complain.

But I will.

It's been raining steadily for the last week. (or seems like it has...) We've had serious, soaking rains and humid weather most days. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm growing mold. I'm supposed to go to the WoodenBoat Show at Mystic at the end of next week and then attend a party given by friends nearby. I'm planning to bring a tent to stay after the party, but the host has been telling dire tales of slugs in his yard. He's been comparing them to banana slugs that he saw in California. Very large. Very yellow. Perhaps I will not wear sandals to his house. He does tend to exaggerate a little. Maybe I'd better ask his wife.

I always think of slugs as homeless snails. Don't ask me where I get that thought from, but I do. I saw a few slugs out in the plants in our back garden the other day. It surprised me as we live in a place with fairly dry, well-drained soil. I didn't expect to see them. When I saw one of these garden snails on the back of the compost bin last night, I was a bit stunned.

If my M-I-L was here, she'd probably be out looking for the snails to go with a little garlic butter and a glass of red wine. If life hands you lemons...

As I sit here typing, I'm listening to it rain rather hard outside and thinking back to my drive home this evening - the source of inspiration for this post. I left work and headed to the nearest supermarket on my ride home to pick up a few things. It was literally raining down in buckets and the road looked like a river. The storm drains and windshield wipers were both having a hard time keeping up with the amount of water falling from the sky. The thing that astonished me was that there seemed to be frogs everywhere trying to cross the road. Little bitty ones and great big ones. I guess I should be thinking about an ark again instead of a skin-on-frame kayak.

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matthew houskeeper said...

This week doesn't look much better.
It has been like living in Manila around here.