Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy-Busy Time

It always seems that the end of May and the beginning of June are an unbelievably busy time of year. This week, I'm preparing for an exhibition that is held at the school where I teach canoe-building. It's held for two hours on Friday night and three hours on Saturday morning. In the past, it has been a display of student's work from all of the different classes that are held at the school. It is a truly Herculean undertaking - the place gets spruced up inside and out and display racks and labels set up. Pieces of student projects/artwork/jewelry are organized and refreshments are prepared.

This year, a new twist has been added. On Saturday morning, the instructors are expected to be giving demonstrations of some sort that is related to their class. I'm either going to be demonstrating Greenland paddle making or how to trim out a canoe. I'm very well prepared for either, but I still think I'm going to be "winging it"!

Pictures to follow!

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