Tuesday, February 3, 2009

With No Forwarding Address

I was very disappointed the other day. One of my favorite blogs has disappeared with no forwarding address. It was the Compass Rose Review by Peter Spectre. Peter has been the editor of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine since 1999. Before that Peter was the editor of WoodenBoat magazine and International Marine Publishing Company of Camden Maine. Peter also is the author of The Mariner's Book of Days a day planner with loads of nautical tid-bits sprinkled throught - a thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys boats and the water.

At any rate, Peter's blog was about present day life and the maritime history in his part of Maine. While he published infrequently, the topics were always well-researched and well thought out. While I don't know the reason that he pulled the blog, I certainly hope to see more of his work in future from other sources. Still, the online community will be poorer for the disappearance of his blog.

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