Sunday, February 8, 2009

A small (very small) update...

So I finally had confirmation of what created the grooves in the snow the other day. As I stepped out the front door to go to work in the morning, there were small tracks in the snow that lead to a small hole in the snow (Maybe about the size of a nickel) that went under some bushes in the front yard. As you can see from the small tracks and the line in between them, it appears to be a field mouse. Strangely, this appears to be the only one in our neighborhood that has chosen to live outside. As my DW and I sit having dinner with DS and DD, or in our bedroom in the evening, we hear all of the rest of our local mice making scrabbling sounds over our head. I really need to get a cat. At least a cat that likes mice.

Here's a better picture of some tracks. Mid-stream, our mouse appears to have changed his/her mind and stopped for a bit of a break - a little scratch behind the ears, perhaps?

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