Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not-so Wordless Wednesday

Australia is in the midst of a national disaster. While we have been complaining about the snow and cold around here, the Australians have just spent the past few weeks enduring temperatures in the 110-120°F range. Then, last weekend came the horror of the wildfires that erupted causing such a terrible loss of both life and property.

I was going to post another picture, but I decided on the one above was the best. It is an Associated Press picture taken by Mark Pardew of CFA firefighter David Tree giving water to a koala who was injured by the fire. (burned paws, apparently) Fortunately, this one story has had a happy ending, but many others have not. That is the reason I am posting the links below - they are for the Australian Red Cross and the Salvation Army of Australia.

Australian Red Cross

Salvation Army

Please consider giving.

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Almost American said...

Apparently Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper is selling photographs of the encounter, with proceeds going to volunteer firefighting organisations. Glad they're doing it for a good cause!