Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here's one I made earlier...

Ever watch one of those cooking shows where they get done with cooking the recipe and they put it in the oven only to draw out a perfectly prepared version?

Well, here is a feature strip that I made earlier. It was intended for a very small boat, but I wasn't happy about the way it was all tying together, so I took it off the forms. In the pictures, I wet the wood with some water to enhance the contrast. This feature strip was built up with the glue-up method that I discussed in last night's post.

There are only three types of wood here. The "eye" and the banding is made from Poplar. The darker wood is Spanish Cedar and the surrounding wood is Western Red Cedar. To give you an idea of the scale of this, the narrow white banding that makes the design "pop" is about 1/16" wide. Do note the variation in the Western Red Cear - it runs from whitish to brown, but is all cut from the same board.

The following images are from the Newfound Woodworks website. They are particularly good because they show the variation within a particular type of wood - in this case Northern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar. Keep in mind that it's sometimes possible to get contrasting color out of the same type of wood!


Geoff said...

So the obvious question is....where are you going to use that strip?

What about the resurrection of the munchkin boat?

Canoez said...

Well, to be honest, I wasn't really pleased with the color of the Western Red Cedar (there's some really white bits) that didn't show up until I cut into the "sandwich". I'm not really planning to use it anywhere at the moment. I might try to reproduce it for the Wee Beastie. I could also thin it down for use in a paddle face. I haven't really decided yet.