Friday, October 17, 2008


A slight detour from the subject of feature strips this evening...

As I wrote in a recent post, my DW is working her way through a 10 pound bar of chocolate. This, however, is not necessarily bliss, as I discovered the other night. As I came into the kitchen I was treated to the following scene: There is a glass of red wine on the counter and she is hunched over this massive bar of chocolate with what looks to me at first like a knitting needle trying to poke rows of holes into the chocolate. From the noises she's making, this is an obvious effort physically and is beginning to become a frustration.

As I get a bit closer, I notice that she has one of my nice Teflon-covered shish-kebab skewers and is trying to stab rows of holes in the chocolate the way a stone mason drills holes in rock to cause a weak spot and break off a slab of the rock. This is, apparently, not a very successful method as the tip of the skewer is beginning to take on a very serious and permanent bend.

It is at this point that I decide to step in and save the cooking utensils.

Lemme see.

What can I use to break this monster up?

I've got a couple of axes, but they really aren't clean enough to do the trick.

My circular saw is sort of overkill and I'd probably spray chocolate dust everywhere.

I go and get my tool bag and retrieve this:

After a wash with soap and water, I take a crack a the monster bar of chocolate. I get a cut no more than an eighth of an inch deep and the friction melts the chocolate dust, nearly freezing the saw in the chocolate bar.


A little more poking in my tool bag results in this combination:

Another quick trip over to the sink to wash my chisel in soap and water and I'm in business again. This time with much more success.

It's certainly one way to keep the harmony in the house!

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