Monday, October 6, 2008

The End of an Era

In Greenville, Maine, there is a restaurant named The Black Frog. The Black Frog is famous, or perhaps infamous, for their Skinny Dip Sandwich. From their menu:
Skinny Dip: Thinly sliced prime rib served in a baguette roll with au jus on the side for dipping. If you run down the long dock naked and jump in the lake, the sandwich is free......10.95

That's right - if you run down their dock into Moosehead Lake naked, you get the sandwich for free. Well, you used to be able to. Apparently there had been some complaints regarding naked patrons jumping into the lake. (2 or 3 per week, according to Leigh Turner, the proprietor) To pressure Mr. Turner, the town selectmen denied him a liquor license. However, if he dropped the free sandwich promotion, they told him that they'd have no trouble renewing his license.

Do be sure to check out The Black Frog's menu. It's a very good read. For instance, the "Sammiches" section starts out with this little ditty:

All sandwiches are served with a choice of hand cut fries, curly fries or cole slaw, plus a pickle. We think it's a pickle - it's green anyway - could be a very old smelt.

Do go read - you won't be sorry you did!

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