Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yet Another Shameless Plug

One of the members over at the WoodenBoat Forum, Dan (AKA Battenkiller) has built a Nymph double-paddle canoe designed by Nick Schade from plans published in WoodenBoat magazine issue #199. There were two articles on the build of this canoe in issues #199 and #200. The canoe is definitely influenced by the 'Wee Lassie' style canoes build by J. Henry Rushton of Canton, NY and was intended as an ultralight canoe in that vein.

Dan is in the progress of updating his blog on the building process and I recommend you go over and take a look at it at Breakfast with BK . Many thanks to him for sharing.

Here are some pictures that he posted over at the Forum. He and his wife did a beautiful job building the canoe:

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