Monday, September 15, 2008

My wife says that I'm a...

geek (plural geeks)

  1. (colloquial) An expert in a technical field, particularly to do with computers.
    My laptop’s locked up again. I need a geek.
    Do you need a hardware geek or a software geek?
I suppose it is an epithet which I sort of deserve. I'm an engineer and gadgets and gizmos are sort of my stock-in-trade, if you will.

As I mentioned earlier, it was finally time to update my old laptop. I got a new Macbook. A fairly basic, but nice machine.

So, I finally have got my new Mac up and running - which wasn't difficult at all. When I fired up the new machine, I simply hooked it up to the old one with a Firewire cable and it pulled off all my old files and applications. Piece of cake. I installed the updated versions of Firefox, iTunes and MS Office at the same time and am cooking along. Still, this is not what has her calling me a geek.

It's the new iPod Touch.

The Touch came along with the new machine and is basically and iPhone without the phone and camera. It's an WiFi device with a touch screen interface that's really slick. Very intuitive. It does some amazing tricks. First - if you're looking for directions, it seems to know your location from your IP address. It does email, reminders, calendars, music, videos, pictures, web browsing and specialized applications that you can download to the thing.



Actually, I think she's just jealous!

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The Wife said...

You really shouldn't have put a picture of yourself on your blog you know!