Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When we last left our intrepid...

He was creating shavings and cut-off scraps while making sole pieces to fit on the floors. These are some thin pieces of 1" wide cherry. The pieces in the cockpit are 3/8" thick and those that go into the storage area behind the seat are 1/4" thick. At the moment, I've dry-fitted the pieces to see how they will go. Here's an over-view:

There are three distinct areas separated by the frames. The area at the top of the last picture is the cockpit and the area below that will be the main storage area. The area at the bottom of the image is secondary storage for longer trips where this might be necessary.

Detail of the cockpit sole:

Detail of the storage area sole:

The next steps will be to mark the placement of these sole parts and to finish sand them. After that, they will be bonded in place with the System Three Gel Magic and the rest of the frame sanded and finished with a coat of spar urethane.


Bob Easton said...

Nice looking work Canoez!

How are the floor pieces fastened? Are you using anything other than S3? I didn't see any tenons, screws, pegs, or such.

Canoez said...

Hi, Bob - nice of you to visit.

At the moment, they'll be placed with the System Three adhesive. However, the bonding area is relativly small and epoxy suffers from creep under constant load. I've got some #6 brass screws and I've also got some birch dowels. I'm going to have to use one or the other for the sole in the cockpit, but haven't decided which to use. If it came down to weight, I'll go with the dowels bonded in place.

I'm not going to go to the trouble of doing this in the cargo area - I figure the weight in those areas will be relatively low. (<30 lbs total)

Nice Fiddlehead, BTW. It's on the "list".