Thursday, August 27, 2009


Life is what happens when you're making other plans.

-John Lennon

Tonight, this seems to be the story of my life. DW was supposed to be going out this evening with DaGoof's wife (DaWife) for knitting and "attitude adjustment" and I would be home with DS and DD. At any rate, that particular plan for this evening fell through and DaGoof decided to finally drop by and see the progress on the kayaks being built here. I'd also been planning on finishing up some DD's birthday present this evening (her birthday is next week). I'm planning on giving her a set of plans for a skin-on-frame kayak for us to build together. I've got the material already and she really, REALLY wants her own boat. Who am I to say, "no"?

After I finished up DD's present, I was going to review a book loaned to me on the art of the Pacific Northwest's first people. More on the book and the subject later. The teaser here is that I'm debating decorating the kayak.

DaGoof came over and we walked through the process from boat design to frame construction and fitting out. I'm finishing up coamings and foot braces before skinning the boat, but it's almost ready to skin. (Edited to add : I think he liked the look of the kayak. It's not that long - only 15', but it's relatively narrow. As DaGoof is a "Go Fast" kinda guy, I think he certainly appreciated that about it.)We had a good chat and made some uncertain plans for a paddle in the future with another friend and his wife. Subjects twisted and turned through home, family, work and paddling. We even found a spare rack to outfit his car with so he can move his canoe. A nice and eclectic visit all-in-all.

Plans are now complete after his departure and ready to print. I hope DD will like her present!