Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tech Tip Tuesday

The old adage that good workmanship is it's own reward is very true. It takes time and patience to build a nice boat and as you're doing all of your preparation work, it may seem that you will never finish.

First, the students built the strongback and set up the forms. They then ripped strips and made stems.

A post from last fall shows the preparation and good workmanship that went into the building of the building of the feature strip on their canoe.

They stripped the hull and fitted the outer stems.

These students shaped stems, applied filler, faired the hull and long-boarding the hull.

This past Saturday, they finally applied the sealer coat of epoxy. The contrasting feature strip "popped" against the hull and proved that the work was worth it.

Here are the proud builders posing with their beautiful boat in a fresh coat of epoxy sealer:

Isn't that Walnut and Basswood feature strip a stunner?