Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Cat said...

I know what *that* is! What a lovely use for leftover strips and pieces. Very cool.

Did you fiberglass it?

How much does it weigh? What do you use it to carry?

Did you just saw a quarter inch off your old forms to make it? Or did you just pull the canoe in question off the water, spread plastic in it, and use it as a female form? I suppose then you wouldn't be so limited in where you could place it.

Very cool.

Canoez said...

That, for those who aren't familiar, is called a wanigan. It is used to carry gear in - particularly kitchen gear and food.

That particular example in the pictures is not mine.

As far as construction goes, strip as you would a hull and glass inside and out with 4 oz cloth and epoxy. I'd size it down a bit more than 1/4" - more like 1" per side to account for the overhang of the inwales. Usually, there are "feet" which are a pair of cleats that run parallel the keel to keep the wanigan up of the bottom of the canoe.

I even saw one that was lined with 2" rigid foam before being 'glassed - it was a wanigan cooler!

Mike said...

Great looking wanigan