Monday, November 22, 2010

A little cleaning is good for the soul...

When I was first approached about teaching my canoe-building class, I was told that we would be able to use the barn in the school's parking lot. I was under the impression that we would actually be building the boats in the barn at first. When I was finally given a key to the barn to clean up some space in the barn, I discovered that the place was pretty packed. We managed to clean up some space - about 1/2 of the first floor. The administrator then let me know that I'd only be storing the boats in the barn, but building them in the shop.

The barn in which we store our boats in received a very thorough cleaning this weekend. Before we started, we could not physically get to the second floor of the barn to do the cleaning because it was so jam-packed. Along with 6 boats and and boat-building equipment, there was lots of old equipment that had come out of the school building when it had been renovated in the past.

The building was probably built in the 1880's along with the house that originally (but not longer stands there...) stood in front of it. To be honest, I think some of the things that we cleaned out of the barn have been there since the 1920's or even earlier. We even discovered things about the barn that we didn't even know - such as that the barn had a full basement with a set of access stairs in the floor.

Now there will be plenty of space to move around in the barn!


Cleansing is good for the soul!


Cat said...

Hmmm. I wonder what is down in the basement nobody knew about?

It sounds like a little cleaning is good for the workshop! Maybe I should go do some...

Canoez said...

Actually, there was an iron bedstead in the basement. There was little else other than some piles of gravel and a LOT of spiderwebs.

Cat said...

Sooo... All that storage space, she are belong to you--provided you can keep the path to the stairs open?