Thursday, June 10, 2010


DW has been limping along with an old Titanium Powerbook that she got from her past job about 7 years ago. The hinges were broken and it has been lobotomized with a new hard drive and a new optical drive that were installed about 2 years ago by yours truly. I've gotta say that dis-assembling a laptop and getting it back together are not the easiest tasks, but the folks at Other World Computing have some excellent tutorials on how to do the installations.

At any rate, she ordered herself a new 21" iMac that arrived by slow goat from Shenzen, China (sorry - inside joke) and the free iPod Touch that comes with the computer when you are employed in education. She customized both the iMac and the iPod to meet her needs and the iPod arrived first. Even though she previously pronounced me to be a geek when I was enjoying the iPod which came with my new iBook, she has been spending her time enjoying her new iPod.

The iMac arrived today. I'm dying to see if she spends more time with the iMac or the iPod.

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