Monday, June 21, 2010

I've been a busy guy - really.

I haven't been ignoring people around here lately, but I've been busy trying to get things done. I've got a project that needed finishing up for the same exhibition that I posted about with displays by my canoe building students. As well as teaching at the school, I also take some classes in furniture making offered by another instructor to hone my skills. This spring's major project was this carving:

It is about full scale for a maple leaf and is back-thinned at the edges. I wanted it to be a bit rustic while being realistic and think I got a good balance. There is an incredible amount of work in a little piece like this. This will be the cosmetic face for a tree-of-life wall hanging that I got for DW at Christmas. We wanted to hang it in the West Wing, but I discovered much to my chagrin that the stud wasn't centered in the wall beneath the window in the end wall by about 1-1/2". The hanging is heavy enough that I wanted to mount it to the stud, not the drywall. The leaf is going to disguise the offset.

I've also been working up three Greenland style paddles for friends. One pair is for a couple and is cut from the same piece of lumber and have the same tip shape so that they will be similar. The husband wanted a varnished finish and the wife wanted an oil finish - to each their own! The other paddle is for a former student of mine and needs a bit more work, but is close to being complete. Another couple of coats of oil on the left-hand paddle would be nice, too.

The last thing I've been working on is a steam generator for bending wood. Here's a quick look:

I still need to mount it and a water supply for it, but this is the heart of the device. More about it later!


Anonymous said...


I have seen these things kicking about the webs, but have never seen a plan or parts description.

Looking forward to your discussion if you can elaborate.



Canoez said...


I'll post more about the steam generator and steaming set-up when I get it rigged. Basically, it is a small hot-water heater without a thermostatic control. What you see is 1-1/2" galvanized steel pipe with a 1400 Watt 120VAC hot water heater element in the bottom pipe with a feed line that has a valve to regulate flow from either a bucket or a hose if I want. I'll mount the heater on a frame to keep it upright when in use.