Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

I can't leave you folks hanging about today's Wordless Wednesday picture.

This is a picture of RawFaith in Portland Maine on the waterfront adjacent to Portland Yacht Services. RawFaith is an 88 foot long, three-masted, 300 ton galleon modeled after the English galleons of the 16th century. It is the brainchild of George McKay, a former engineer who felt "called" to design and build the ship. This gentleman and his now ex-wife have a daughter who has medical issues and is wheelchair bound. Inspired by the wish to be able to take his daughter and other wheelchair bound kids and their families sailing, Mr. McKay, created this ship and a foundation intended to accomplish that mission.

I have no wish to judge or ridicule Mr. McKay, but there appear to be some issues with the execution of his idea. Those who have seen the ship describe it as primitive, workman-like and crude. Observations have been made that the ship doesn't even seem to be well suited to the task of taking wheelchair-bound people and their families sailing. As you can tell from the picture, the boat lacks finish. I also gather that it lacks an engine.

There have been issues at sea with the maneuverability (or lack thereof) and strength of masts and rigging. The ship has been dis-masted at least once that I know of, had a rudder fail, and has been towed back to port by the Coast Guard on several occasions.

The local Coast Guard Commander had gone so far as to state that the boat will never carry passengers for hire and had restricted the ship to Rockland harbor until it could be shown to be able to maneuver safely under it's own power. I would assume that this restriction was lifted in some form as the Raw Faith was in Portland with the intent of putting an engine into her - perhaps it was towed there?

A quick web search for Captain George McKay or RawFaith will yield many links - this has been a very controversial vessel.

I will let you draw your own conclusions.

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Da Goof said...

When I was a kid I remember there was a former war ship just off the Cape that had been used for target practice. With a little digging I found it:

This is different but...