Thursday, May 13, 2010

No good deed goes...

My next-door neighbors lost a small tree to some heavy ice late in the winter. It wasn't a big tree and it had been where it had fallen blocking part of their sprinkler system for about two months. A few weeks ago when my neighbor and I were putting together a new basketball hoop, I mentioned that I have a chain saw and would help him clean up his tree if he wanted. He said that he didn't have a saw and that he'd think about it.

Last week my neighbor said that he'd like to take me up on my offer to help cut the tree up sometime over the weekend. The neighbors were away visiting parents for Mother's Day last weekend. DS and I had some spare time, so rather than waiting for my neighbor, I sharpened up the saw, filled up the gas and bar oil and cut the tree up and dragged it away to the brush pile. It was a "Git-er done", kinda job, so rather than wait, we figured we'd make it happen. It was a relatively small tree - maybe 4 or 5 inches in diameter at the trunk and I probably spent more time sharpening the saw than cutting and moving the wood.

Imagine my surprise when I was grilling some dinner on Tuesday evening when my neighbor comes striding across the back yard with these in his hands:

Oops... One seemed to get emptied before I got to take the picture. ;-)

Thanks, neighbor!


David said...

Hot Dang! where do i get neighbors like you have? I had a neighbor get a farmer buddy use totally inappropriate felling techniques to cut a tree down, so all I could do was tell him he was a bit of an idiot... No beer coming my way now!

Canoez said...

David, I've got great neighbors and am very happy with the neighborhood as a whole. We all look out for one another and when people are away they look out for their houses and move snow for them if they are away in the winter. Events like Halloween, the neighborhood tag-sale and touch football game in the Fall are fun because pretty much everyone gets involved and the kids have a fantastic time.

Just remember - the start of a great community might be you!

David said...

Don't get me wrong, I live in a great little town with wonderful neighbors and friends, it's just that I found your post on helping your neighbor cut up his tree was kind of funny, as I do a lot of tree cutting work, and my own neighbor just had some work done (I get along with him, but his farmer buddy needs some instruction in safe felling practices... check it out!)