Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thought for the Day

If you think you're too small
to have an impact,
try going to bed
with a mosquito in the room.


Mike Ormsby said...

I liked this Thought of the Day so much that I've reposted on my own blog,

Canoez said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Mike.

Have you ever read Rugge and Davidson's Complete Wilderness Paddler about their trip on the Moise? On top of the great trip planning/paddling technique stuff, there is some other great stuff on the people on the trip including a whole chapter devoted to bugs - the flying biting kinds.

Mike said...

Canoez that is a great bugs there's also a great song called The Black Fly Song....which was also made into a couple of interesting videos

Canoez said...

Yep. Great book - some parts are a bit dated today, but still great.

Love the chapter on "Mouthwatering"