Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

This morning was one of my favorite kinds of mornings at class. Today was the first class of the year where it was warm enough to work on the boats outside and to put them away in the barn without the glue freezing.

All of the boats seem to be progressing nicely in one way or another. Here is the kayak deck that was 'glassed on the inside last weekend:

This weekend, the student cut the coaming opening per the plans and has started to install the coaming rim's vertical members. By the time that class was completed, most of the rim was complete. Next week, it will have a fillet of "dookie shmutz" and a glass tape reinforcement on the outside to support it before it will get cut down to the contour it will finally get.

The Ranger has been stripped to the point where the "football" has begun. This is the part where a strip is left unglued at the turn of the bilge and stripped past the centerline of the hull. Once this half is completed, the centerline is marked and the panel is removed and cut. The other half of the panel is built and scribed to match the first. The two halves are then fitted and glued together.

It's looking nice - they should finish the first panel at the next class session.

Our other Wee Lassie designs are about 1/2 stripped at this point. It never ceases to amaze me that even though they are the same designs, each one is a unique and individual boat.

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