Sunday, April 25, 2010

Real men (and women) play with dollies.

The Ranger has proceeded to get heavier as strips have been added to the hull. Most builders who start in on building a canoe don't move it while it is being built. There are two major reasons:
  1. The forms might move, altering the hull shape.
  2. The forms and hull are both awkward and bloody heavy.
For the most part, we've developed stiff, albeit slightly heavy, strong-backs on which the forms are placed and the boat is ultimately built. While there isn't much of a substitute for manhandling our way up and down the stairs and in and out of the storage barn, our trip across the parking lot has been made a bit easier by a gift of two furniture dollies that are in the picture above. Once we're out of the the building, we simply place the strong-back onto the dollies and roll it over to the barn. The only thing that I'd probably change is to have larger diameter wheels and something to "key" the strong-back to the dolly so it doesn't slide around. Other than that it's perfect.

Brains over brawn any day.

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