Monday, January 11, 2010

A new blog on my reading list...

picture by Rolf Kraiker

Reflections On The Outdoors Naturally is a is a wonderful WordPress blog by Mike who has been around here of late and is occasionally found over at the WCHA forums. Mike's posts tend to be of a literary or historical bent as relates to canoes and canoeing. His posts are extremely well researched and source-linked with great depth. I highly recommend that you delve into his site and take a look.

Another fantastic part of his site is his very extensive links list on the left side of his page.

I hope you enjoy his wonderful postings.

Thanks Mike!


Mike said...

Thanks for the very kind words....and the very nice plug for my blog....although I think I've got a way to go to rival such great blogs as's blogs like this that keep me posting what I of the great things I find from being part of the canoeing community is that it is indeed a community....where we all try to support each other....share ideas and information freely....very much like being part of a group canoe trip....we're working toward a common goal....and moving forward by pitching in and helping one another....getting to where we want to be by working together....rather than put ourselves before another....any way, I'm glad to be part of such a community of like minded canoeing fanatics LOL LOL

Canoez said...

My pleasure! It's good to share!