Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breakfast in Bed

I was awoken this morning around 8:00 to the sounds of dishes clanking downstairs. As I rolled back towards the middle of the bed to get more comforter, (DW had pulled most of it to her side during the night) I realized that DW was still in bed as well. The sounds of crockery and drawers and doors opening and closing continued for a minute. A thought sprang to mind - is one of the children emptying the dishwasher?


The sound of rattling dishes, silverware and feet on the stairs filled me with sudden dread. What is going on here? Does someone not know where some of the dishes go and is bringing them all upstairs for guidance? More clanky sounds outside the bedroom door and it swings open. DD comes in with a precariously balanced tray. On it are two (very full!) glasses of milk, a bowl of cereal, two bowls holding halves of a grapefruit (cut in half with the sections) and a rather large mixing bowl containing diced green apple and clementine sections. DD had taken it upon herself to make us breakfast in bed.

This was an interesting mix of foods, to say the least. After thanking DD for our surprise, DW tucked into the bowl of cereal and a glass of milk. I started working on the grapefruit, notwithstanding the fact that my stomach doesn't seem to open for business until at least 9:30 in the morning.

About 10 minutes later, DD reappeared with two plates of slightly tanned buttered bread. We thanked her again, but noted that this was significantly more food than we were accustomed to at breakfast time.

As DD left the room for a second time, DW whispered under her breath, "She wants something."

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