Friday, October 23, 2009

A Few More Blogs

I'm obviously not the only blogger out there, and certainly not the only one doing small boats as a topic. One of my favorite sites was one I was introduced to through the gentleman who put it together over at the WoodenBoat Forum. The man in question was David J. Fleming III, aka "Tugboat Dave" and "O&O West Coast". Mr. Fleming was a kind and modest gentleman who shared his wealth of wisdom and experience with woodworking and traditional wooden boat building and repair with others. His website, Welcome to Sag Harbour is a treasure-trove of boatbuilding wisdom from a tradition that is not what it once was. Sadly, Mr. Fleming passed away last year and I have no idea how much longer his website will be around. I strongly urge you to take a look around his site while it's still there.

Another great blog that I'm really remiss in not sharing sooner is 70.8%. This blog is written by "mostly armchair sailor" Thomas Armstrong and "70.8%" is a reference to the amount of the Earth's surface that is covered with water. The blog postings are relatively infrequent, perhaps about 6-10 a month. What he lacks in posting quantity, he makes up for with subject depth which is quite excellent. In particular, I'd like to point out Thomas' post on the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival and his excellent pictures of the subject.

If you really enjoyed the pictures from 70.8% of the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival, I'd encourage you to check out this thread at the WoodenBoat Forum!

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Well Dressed Cupcakes said...

This was my cousin who I had just recently reconnected with. I am so sad to have lost him