Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Arrived

It seems we went from days in the 70's to frost at night and highs in the 50's with the blustery Fall wind in no time at all. This past weekend, we went to a local Fall Festival and had a wonderful time. My DW put up a great and detailed post here. I'll be a bit more brief about it but let you enjoy some of the sights of the season.

Harvest decorations in the town hall. This is a small sampling of those to be seen around the building and around the town.

I wish I could share the sounds. The whistling wind and the rattling of blowing leaves, the crisp "crunch" when you step on them.

The smells, too. The faint spice of woodsmoke in the air, fried dough with maple cream (one of my favorite guilty pleasures...)

The feel is unmistakable. A frigid bite in the air and then the feeling of warm sun on you as the clouds passed.

Yup. Looks like Fall is here to stay for a bit.

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