Monday, March 30, 2009


I was looking at my on-line banking at lunch time today and was a bit confused at a transaction that I saw on the account. It said that there had been a withdrawl transfer to account number XXXXXXX. I didn't recognize account number XXXXXXX and didn't remember making any transaction in the amount listed. I did have a suspicion of what it might be, but decided to be on the safe side and contact the bank's customer service department.

A woman by the name of "Kim" answered the phone in customer service. I gave her the account information and we went through the usual security check so that she could make sure that I am who I am (whomever that may be...) When these formalities were finished, the conversation went something like this:

Kim : Ok, sir, how can I help you today?

Me : Well, I was looking at my account and there was a transaction that I didn't recognize. It's probably the annual payment for our safe deposit box. I just wanted to be sure that nobody was surreptitiously and maliciously draining my account.

Kim (without missing a beat) : No problem, sir, it's just the bank surreptitiously and maliciously taking money out for the safe deposit box rental.

That pretty much made my day. All I can say is, that she deserves a raise.

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Mel and Angus said...

I love a person who has a quick and wicked sense of humor! It makes my day.