Saturday, March 28, 2009

Alas poor Lucky...

I posted here earlier about our local rabbits. The little guy in the picture was dubbed "Lucky" by the kids as we continued to see him around the yard at various times. We didn't see any of the siblings that were in the nest with him, so we figured he was "lucky".

Today, I was cleaning up the yard and DW and I were looking at things we wanted to do for some landscaping. While we were looking around, she pointed out a rather large quantity of rabbit droppings with some level of disgust. Later, as I was working in the backyard, there was an area with tufts of fur. It was very fine, soft fur with a grey inner layer and brown and white tips on it.

Rabbit colored.

Uh oh.

I figured that one of the rabbits must have been a snack for our local bobcat, a fox or perhaps a hawk. There was quite a bit of fur, but I found no evidence of blood, bone or anything else.

I quietly pointed out this somewhat disturbing find out to my DW by letting her know that we would have fewer rabbit droppings in the yard. She promptly went to take pictures for her blog. (She hasn't posted anything yet. I'll add a link here when she does.) DS and DD wanted to know what DW was doing laying outside on the lawn with a camera and went outside to see what she was doing. DS came in without comment, but DD seemed upset that something had gotten one of the "cute bunnies" and she hoped that it wasn't Lucky. With no small amount of sarcasm, DW pointed out to DD that whichever one of the rabbits it was, it certainly wasn't lucky.


Da Goof said...

"...what DW was doing laying outside on the lawn with a camera..."

I never knew your DW had a forensics background!

Almost American said...

I wasn't particularly disgusted by the rabbit droppings - I was merely pointing out that they were right by where we're planning to put in a vegetable garden!