Monday, December 1, 2008


Over the past weekend, a life-long friend was up for one of his infrequent visits. He's generally back visiting once or twice a year and when he is here, we try to get a group of friends who have pretty much known each other our whole lives, together. As we have found, life is much too short not to enjoy the company of our friends. In many ways, we are both a unique an diverse group and more like family. Still, there are those occasions where another blast from the past that was forgotten is revealed again.

As the party DW and I held at the house was winding down, and we were all relaxing in the living room. Somehow, we got onto the topic of "Yip Yips". (Don't ask me how we got there...) Yip Yips were characters created for Sesame Street by Jim Henson and his crew. Growing up, most, if not all of us, were brought up watching the Muppets and they weave their way through our consciousness in strange ways. Anyway, here is a picture of the Yip Yips below:

At the party, one friend had his iPhone with him and after the topic was broached, he brought up a few videos of the Yip Yips from YouTube. As I went looking tonight, I found this:

What I was struck by was the fact that they reminded me of the Flying Spaghetti Monster:

Anyhow - that's the diversion that my brain took tonight - where did yours go?

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