Monday, December 22, 2008

The Amazing SWS(tm) System

These are NOT my presents.

How can you tell?

That's easy. You see at this time of year, all of my wrapping is done by the Amazing SWS(tm) System. It is the only way that I can manage to get all of my wrapping done. So, what is this fantastic system?

It's the Simian Wrapping System(tm) The Simian Wrapping System exists because almost all of my Christmas gifts strangely appear to have been wrapped by monkeys. I try, I really do, to do a neat job wrapping, but somehow the primate in me comes out in my wrapping skills. Perhaps it is because I'm often rushed for time this time of year, but I should really do a better job. Sharp corners? Straight edges? Neatly folded over ends?


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