Monday, April 21, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

I did on Sunday. Murphy's Law just seemed to be working overtime around our place.

Quite frankly, Murphy is an SOB.

With Spring in the air, all of the springtime chores have kicked in. On Saturday morning the weather was beautiful and we had our canoe building class outside. The last of the strips were put on the second boat (YAY!) SWMBO had invited a friend of SWMBO Jr. over to have a sleep-over on Saturday night, so I spent my afternoon running errands to get fertilizer and things for the lawn, food and drink for our guest and her parents who would join us for Sunday lunch and a movie for the kids to watch. I'd wanted to get some chores done but Saturday was pretty much shot.


So, on Sunday morning, I got up and got some stuff done after breakfast. (cleaned the winter tar off the car, and prepped stuff for lunch) I cooked a great lunch (...if I do say so, myself) and we had a great time with our guests.

Then Murphy took over.

I was going to edge the garden beds. I went to get out the necessary tools. I got out the edging tool and a shovel. Then, I got the garden cart and wheeled it out. The rubber peeled off the rim of the cart. Geez... Not going to be doing edging, I guess.

Next task on the list. Get out the pressure washer to do a bit of clean-up. Hook it all up get started and pull the handle along to where I'll be working. *SNAP* The plastic quick-disconnect that feeds water to the thing from the hose snaps off. Guess what I'm not doing.

I was going to work in the back yard, but my son decided to go down to play at the end of the street where I was going to need to keep an eye on him. No working in the back yard.

Ok. I guess I'll finish cleaning and waxing my car. No, wait, I don't HAVE my car, SWMBO took it to take herself and SWMBO Jr. somwhere as our guests were parked behind her vehicle.

Alright, I guess I'd better clean SWMBO's beast. It's been unloved all winter long. I pulled out the floor mats and got the shop vac out. Turns out there is a cut in the hose.


Duct tape. If you can't fix it with duct tape, you're not using enough.

I got the car vacuumed out and started washing. I then accidentally stepped on the nozzle's lever and proceeded to liberally hose down my crotch, making it look like I'd wet my pants.

With an afternoon like that I was almost afraid to go to the bathroom.

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